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"Layin' By"
"Country Grocery"
"Dominique Chickens"

"Country Grocery" was where those living rural areas went to get groceries and other supplies. It was more convenient than going into town because often you went straight from the field.

"The Drifter"
"The Cotton House"
"Playin' Checkers"
"Knockin Off"

"Playin' Checkers" was another common scene around the old country stores, especially when there was no work to be done. They made their own board and used bottle caps for checkers. This painting was very visible on the episode of Everybody Loves Raymond.

"Knockin Off" was just a common scene after a hot day's work when you would sit back on your cotton sack and take a drink of not so cool water.

"Scrubbin' Clothes"
"Gradin "n" Tyin"
"First Pickin"
"Rollin One"

"Scrubbin Clothes" is the back porch to the "Tenant House". Washing clothes were mostly done here where the hand pump was.

"Rollin One" was a typical scene at the old country stores just sitting around having a smoke.

"Moseley's Sto"
"Weighin Up"
"The Tennant House"
"Slave Street"

"Mosley's Sto" is a store in a very small community. Alvin thought it very unique because of the door being on the corner. Mr. Mosley gave his permission to paint it and use his name which was still on it even though he no longer ran it.

"Weighin Up" took place at the end of the day. Workers would tie up their cotton sheets to be weighed and receive their pay of three cents a pound. Some could pick four to five hundred pounds a day. In those days (the 1950's) that was pretty good, if you were a fast picker.

"The Tenant House" was the last house standing in this cotton community. My husband feared it would be burned or torn down and decided to photograph it for his first painting. He put life back into it.

"Slave Street" was painted of Boone Hall Plantation slave quarters near Charleston S.C. There were nine cabins total and the dirt path which ran beside them was called Slave Street. Alvin wanted to paint it with people; the way it could have been.


"Uncle John"
"Aunt B"
"Among the Oaks"



"Communion of Souls"







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